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Delivering Seamless Search

Delivering Seamless Search

Seamless Search launched officially on 22nd September 2020 at Incubeta headquarters in London. We broadcasted the live unveiling and demo on YouTube and you can watch the presentation on the video below.

It was an exciting event for everyone at Incubeta as the launch was the first time we shared Seamless Search with the world.

Machine Learning

Using machine learning, Seamless Search assesses hundreds of thousands of internal and external factors that impact the correlation between paid and organic search and determines the true value of each channel. The insight provided by the platform is made actionable with a clear report which outlines the actual contribution of paid and organic to business performance metrics, such as sales. The platform also has its own bid automation engine, enabling advertisers to make paid search bid adjustments based on current true search performance.

Results from beta testing show clients see an average of 25% true search revenue uplift and an average increase in efficiency of 20% with Seamless Search. Our platform also recently won at The Drum Search Awards 2020 in the SEO & PPC – Most Effective Use of Technology in a Search Campaign category.

Managing Search Channels seperately has been the norm

“There are many great search tools that look at paid and organic search in isolation, however there are very few that are able to help advertisers manage across both search channels.  Seamless Search will help advertisers get the most from their overall search marketing by giving them confidence in how the two channels impact on one another, ” said Damien Bennett, Director of Strategy at Incubeta.

Fred Maude, Head of Product Development at Incubeta added: “Limitations in advertiser’s ability to be able to understand the relationship between paid and organic search means that most search marketers are forced to adopt an approach where the channels are managed separately. Consequently, optimisation decisions don’t consider the true value of each channel, and investment decisions are therefore sub-optimal.

“We believed that there was an opportunity to use machine learning to help search marketers fully understand how their organic coverage affects paid performance and vice versa. Seamless Search allows advertisers to manage their search activity holistically, enabling them to optimise their paid search activity based on the channel’s true value.”

The video of our presentation showcases why we built such a product, provides a live demonstration of the service in action and contains other points of information such as how you can get involved with Seamless and start making plans for your paid search bid adjustments. Seamless Search allows advertisers to reduce the risk of bidding on and paying for keywords unnecessarily when they have organic coverage for the same phrases.

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Finally, please also see the presentation deck used at our event.




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