Seamless Search: True Search Management

Seamless Search is the only search management platform that enables you to manage paid and organic search holistically.

- Achieve up to 25% incremental revenue.

- No more worrying whether you should pay to appear for keywords that you already hold a high organic position for.

- Know exactly how your paid cannibalizes your organic search and vice versa.

- Finally understand the value in paying for brand and brand generic terms.


What Clients Are Saying
About Seamless Search

Senior Search Manager - Financial Services

Seamless Search has given us confidence in our search strategy, helping us to see where paid search adds value and where it doesn’t

Director of Ecommerce - Travel

Since implementing Seamless Search we have seen a significant uplift in our organic and paid results, the bid strategy has outperformed those we have seen on platforms that only look at paid search environment

Paid Search Director - Retail

Seamless Search has enabled us to manage discussions with senior stakeholders, giving them confidence that our paid strategy drives incremental revenue


A sophisticated platform with simple outcomes.

Seamless Search uses machine learning to assess hundreds of thousands of internal and external factors that impact the correlation between paid and organic search to determine the true value of each channel.

The insight provided by the platform is made actionable by providing a clear report outlining the actual contribution of paid and organic to business performance metrics such as sales.  Furthermore the platform then has its own bid automation engine, enabling advertisers to make paid search  bid adjustments based on current true search performance.


What Seamless Search can do for you

Actionable Insight

Finally understand the actual value of your paid and organic strategies

True Search Bid Management

Make bid adjustments based on a holistic view of your search performance

Straightforward UI

Quick and easy set-up and reporting so it can be used by both beginners and advanced users


Seamless Search drives game-changing results



On average clients see a 25% true search revenue uplift.

20% percent roi


At an average increase in efficiency of 20%

Refine, Increase, Create Seamlessly

Kick Start your Seamless True Search Bid Optimisation


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