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Drum Search Awards Winner SEO & PPC – Most Effective Use of Technology

The Drum Search Awards and award ceremonies in general are online now and may not have the same feel, but that won’t stop the Seamless Search team from celebrating our latest award win.

We were delighted to announce back in May 2020 on the NMPI blog that at this year’s Drum Search Awards, our work with M&S won the award for SEO & PPC – Most Effective Use of Technology, for our proprietary technology Seamless Search.

Working with Marks and Spencer, we developed machine learning platform that allowed the retail giant to holistically manage its paid and organic search. This was not a simple task or process. Organic search results are generally encrypted by the Google algorithms, and the sheer volume of data to process makes it nigh on impossible for humans to run and optimise and analyse search activity holistically. But not for our machine.

big congratulations to the team that has worked on this project, and we hope to report more award wins in the weeks to come.
Read more about the category and details on the Drum Awards  . We came up against some very strong and distinguished competition and at that point in May 2020 Seamless Search was only available as a back end solution, with no self-service front end.

Distinguished Competition

Read up on our MarTech Breakthrough Awards win.

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